HACKing for noobs

Posted: January 2, 2011 in hacking, Tech-Talk
What is hacking? answer in my perspective:

Everyone who is familiar with the internet would have come across the weird terms HACKER and HACKING.

By the way the term hacker is very much misunderstood by the human community…

In most of their minds, a hacker is a dark bad guy who would steal their passwords, rob their bank accounts or do any sort of displeasing activities to them via online.

The term “hacking” and “hacker” gained much importance among the Homo sapiens only during the computer era. Much of the folks were not aware even such kind of word exists till the computer age.

The literal meaning of the term Hacking goes as,

“Modifying any material from its original form to suit your needs or to please you”

Carefully note the last part of the above mentioned sentence “suit your needs” and “please you”, this confirms that hacking skills varies from individual to individual. It’s the outcome of the extraordinary intelligence and imagination power of humans which are not equally used by everyone.

Surprisingly, hacking has become one of the hottest topics in the world of international network of computers.

Hacking is good.

I am sure that the above lines may disturb some folks. Why the hell hacking is good when the hacker is intended to steal and rob off our accounts?

For the above question, the answer is indeed very simple… it’s all the intentions of our mind.

Those whose intentions are to destroy things with their knowledge were never termed as hackers. They themselves called them hackers and they were actually crackers disrespected by the hacker community.

Hacking is just an art. Using it for bad or good purpose depends on you. I indeed bet that hacking is responsible for the very survival of this modern technology we are enjoying today. Surprising? But this is a damn truth.

Since the term hacking and hackers were widespread as a loathly term, and it meant both good and bad fellows, nowadays, hacking is broadly classified into two divisions namely black hat and white hat hackers. Yes, you may have guessed. Black hat hackers are those men who use their knowledge for destruction, and on the contradiction, white hat hackers are the builders of today’s technology.

Another group has arisen called the grey hat hackers and their intentions are bit of both as stated above. Basically, a grey hat hacker enjoys breaking into a secure system without authorization with no intentions of bad idea, just to show that that any type of security can be breached.

Okay, by the way, I have come across many people who wonder what is hacking and how to hack. When they surf on that topic, most of them are misguided to cracking websites.

As mentioned above hacking is any sort of work that modifies the originality of a thing, a thing means, anything not particularly software. Many people thing that hacking is a term concerned with software.

This is an unacceptable statement. For example a simple hacking is just connecting a potentiometer ( a variable resistor)  to your headset by which you can control its volume. Here in the above example, it is assumed that volume control is not provided in the headset and that you are just “hacking” it by connecting a potentiometer to control the volume.

Here lies the answer to the previously mentioned question “How to hack?”

For this question, let us analyze the above example, just to connect the potentiometer to the headset for volume control, you have to know how to rip of the headset wire, where to connect the potentiometer and how to use the potentiometer (of course) and finally, what is a potentiometer.

Without knowing these details, you cannot modify or “hack” the headset for manual volume adjustment.

Now I think you must be clear about the term hacking. To begin hacking, you must first do the following steps whether it a hardware or software hacking,

  1. Determine the object which you are going to hack. In the above example it’s our headset.

  2. Determine your modification. In our example, we want to make arrangements for manual volume control.

  3. Study the object carefully and know its entire anatomy and working mechanism. In our example, it about knowing where to connect the potentiometer and working mechanism of the headset.

  4. Then apply your modification. In our example, it’s connecting the potentiometer.

From the above steps, it’s very obvious that for hacking, you must have a in-depth and vast knowledge about the thing you want to hack…

Considering this, you must be strong in electronics if you want to be a hardware hacker. And you must be strong in at least 3 programming languages if you want to become one of those weird software hackers.

And finally hats off those hackers such as Steven Paul Jobs, William Henry Gates, Paul Allen and Linus Torvalds, without whom we cannot imaging today’s technology.

So, if you want to hack, first consider learning some basics of the subject that interests you and then happy hacking.
  1. hemapriya says:

    it's really nice and useful

  2. lut4 says:

    I really agree with you! One thing i would add, is that no matter what kind of hacking there is being performed it only increases security. Therefore creates hacking IT-security(And a lot of jobs!)

  3. Anish says:

    yeah, sure as everyone know necessity is the mother of invention,naturally, more the vulnerabilities found, more pressure for tightening the security

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